Lu and the Perfect Ending

I'm just looking for a way to let this story finally end. I'd do anything to try and finally find that project ending. Is there such a thing? - Lucy (Lu)


A bright blue light falls from space and pauses above the city, floating ominously in the night sky and sending out a blast of energy that warps this whole world and dimension. A whole city of people stood forcefully frozen, staring up at this light. One of those people is Lucy (a.k.a, Lu.) who is also frozen and watching the blue one of her friends is stabbed and dying behind her.


Lu doesn't realize that this light will drastically change her life by connecting her to other people in the most personal way, while also taking people she loves tragically away. This floating blue light seems to start the beginning of the end, and Lu has always been desperate to find a "perfect ending". Now...someone is finally willing to help her try and find it.


Cover Art:Sukesha Ray

Lu Portrait: Jailene Diaz

Lu Portrait: Raven W.

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