Look at that Cloud

Imagine going for a walk outside, when you start noticing fluffy white clouds in the sky. Then you notice that the clouds start looking like animals. Its that cloud a bunny, or maybe an alligator? This book is a fun read aloud to share with your child. You may want to start with the photos at the end of the book first, to try and guess what animals they will be. After reading the book, you will never look at fluffy white clouds the same.

Kathy Goetz lives in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania. She is a retired teacher, who taught Head Start fr 20 years, kindergarten for 2 years and first grade for 16 years. Now that she is retired, one of her favorite things to do is grab her camera and take it for long walks, or rides in the mountain, snapping pictures of anything in nature that seems interesting. She also likes to try her hand at drawing and painting.

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