Suppose you are sitting in front of your TV watching a much hyped expose' about a country who has isolated itself from the rest of the world since its beginning, 44 years ago. What you learn is that the country has advanced well beyond everyone else in the ability of their scientists to enhance human intelligence. They can also program the human brain to perform more efficiently and effectively in many activities, ranging from leisure pastimes to military combat, and they are advanced in several other areas of the biological sciences. Wouldn't you be interested...and maybe a little concerned?! The country's name is Libator, and the expose' occurs in 2075. Stephanie Li, the main character, is a third generation Chinese- American who is ambitious, bright, outwardly fearless, and initially lacking strong principles. She works for a major news agency and it is her expose' on Libator that shocks the world. In gathering her information, she is pursued by mentally enhanced killers and is horribly abused in her efforts to discover the secrets of the country. In an ironic twist, it is Libator that rescues and protects her.

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