Learning From Upheaval

Learning From Upheaval ~ The best seat in the house to understand a century Of challenge and transformation.Ideas distilled from substantial investments in human Performance improvement. The story has the all-encompassing sweep of the full twentieth century. Distance learning pioneer Jamison Handy and then Bill Sandy were interacting with America's legendary industrial giants on the topic most relevant to survival and success---the performance of human beings. There is no better vantage point to capture the drama of change. Throughout the turmoil, Sandy's specialty of performance improvement kept him focused not just on what was happening but why, and most important, what could be done about it. Sophisticated concepts of personal and organizational growth are served up as stories. Bill Sandy's success depended on his ability to understand issues, conceptualize solutions, and convey those concepts in a way that others could easily grasp. The author, who has lived through all the fads, extracts major principles from the turbulence and offers wisdom a man can do when he reflects on a lifetime spent riding the waves of change. One core principle is to maintain a sense of humor. Irreverence gives spice to this saga of personal and organizational transformation. www.LearningFromUpheaval.com

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