Jewels in the Sand, A Novel of Love and War

The pith helmet, Jules could tell, sat funny on his killer's head cocked to the side as he imagined how the blade would feel in the coming second thrust... From the cornfields of Indiana to the sands of Saipan; from the battle-scarred hills of Korea to the brutal underbelly of Vietnam, tension builds, settles, and swells like an angry sea for Blythe McCabe and her military men. A wartime family saga with deeply textured characters that fly off the page in snappy, tear-jerking dialogue. When Bly was sixteen, she came to idolize Grant Morris, a dignified Baptist youth minister, who, at twenty-six, is taken by her charm. Soon Bly is pregnant. A scheme unfolds so as to protect Grant with Bly luring another lover who comes to believe the baby is his. When Grant is shunned by Bly to avoid scandal in her small town, he leaves the church, the town, and his love behind running off to war while Bly struggles to keep the secret of his baby forever quiet. Bly suffers through a ruinous marriage to an alcoholic ex-marine while raising young Jules. Th e undercurrents of time envelope her son who matures and is swept up by the war in Vietnam. Battles, told in devastating detail, ensue for Jules and Grant while Bly is left to wallow in despair. Fate brings Jules to a riverbank, wounded, forlorn, and in the sand. As for Grant, he is given one last mission and unbeknown to him, his son is not so far away. Authors Website:

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