In Those Days, a Memoir

Born in 1936, poet and author Richard Langdon Cook remembers The Blitz, attending 1948 London Olympics, and his boarding school days in Hertfordshire, England. With humor and nostalgia he recalls his army days in Cyprus, his early employment in the city, family life, and forty-two years with an international company. After living in Canada, Japan, and South Africa for many years, and traveling to over 120 countries on the company's behalf, he settled and retired in the United States. In Those Days offers engaging anecdotes stemming from visits to Paris, Hawaii, Rome, the Seychelles, China, and the nightspots of name but a few intriguing destinations. Laced with perceptive thoughts on life and living. In Those Days, it is a satisfying read for those who enjoy traveling and are curious about the nomadic life of an 'ex-pat' businessman. The author lives with his wife, Mary, in Sarasota, Florida.

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