I Gave You Each Other

"No Matter your faith, this is a book about faith, and the need for faith and the transforming of self when we exercise faith..." Noah benShea, International best selling author, National Laureate for the ALS Association "...In this extraordinary new book...we not only learn about the challenges of this relentless illness (ALS) but also about the healing potential of friendship, faith, and commitment..." Timothy E. Quill MD, FACP, FAAHPM, Director, Center of Ethics, Humanities and Palliative Care University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester, NY A Remarkable Story About the Power of Faith Patty's downhill slide begins with weakness in her knee causing multiple falls. She researches her symptoms, sees specialists and actually diagnoses ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) before the doctors do; however, her journey is only beginning. Patty's story is not just her story. It is also an account of the many friends who unite to become her caregivers, The Friends and Loved Ones of Patty Stachura, also known as the FLOPS. This faith-filled community touches many lives and ministers to others who come in contact with them through their life-giving actions. During their journey, the FLOPS discover an intensified faith, the power of listening and the significance of allowing God to use them in reaching others. www.cindytornes.com

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