Heir of the Dog

Slowly waking up, David tried to roll onto his side. Pain surged through his entire body making each movement unbearable. Finally he moved just enough that he could feel he was up against a body, a woman's body. Every time that he drew in a breath, a foul odor makes him want to retch. Fighting sleep, David struggled to open his eyes. Once his eyes were open the darkness was total. When he tried to stretch out his feet and head would only move mere inches before striking an unmovable object. David quickly realized that his arms and legs were bound and he was in some kind of an enclosed space. David passed out and later wakes up behind a restaurant with a lady and her dog looking down at him. She takes pity on him as he relates his story to her. A thief attempting to steal valuables from the car saved his life before running away. Now David has to find out how he got from Georgia to Florida. Where is Julie, his girlfriend and where is his car? He doesn't know it yet but the man who brought him here finds out that he is not in the car and is looking for him to finish the job.

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