Grin & Giggle, Stories by Pan

Read this book for an ageless, universal way to feel more Joy! Let remembering stories of the past ignite your appreciation for the present. If your interests include genealogy, nostalgia, history or memories, come be transported on Pan's imaginary bus tour of sweet memories. Jump on board for "Grins and Giggles" right now! *** About the Author: At age 90 Pollyann "Pan" Castle discovered purpose and joy in writing stories from her past. She began sharing them on here blog NinetyO's to encourage others to search for joy in their own memoires. Now gathered into a book Pan's stories take the reader on a nostalgic journey through the decades of her life. Some are written to elicit a grin or giggle. Others spark reflection or evoke memories. Join her as she shares this journey with you. Go to Pan's Blog at NINETYOS.COM

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