First Person Cat

How many loyal confidants do you have in your life WHO truly listen to you? If you've ever been afraid a truth couldn't be told because of the high cost attached to it, did you feel as mute as a cat? How do you suppose one gets the words out when one thinks like a person but processes life as a cat? Enter First Person Cat, a personal story told by Tiffany, an intuitive tortoise shell Persian who was born knowing. Yet even thought Tiffany seems to smell the culprit's thoughts, by what creative methods can she expose THE PERSON WHO murdered her (human) mommy, a famous rock and roll star, and the killer's plan for his next victim? Murderer, watch out. Combining ingenuity, a whole lot of attitude, and natural born talents, Tiffany makes it her job to see that justice prevails. She hooks up with a detective on the Beverly Hills police force, wraps her charms around him, and sure enough, Tiffany is the leader in avenging her mommy's death. A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit CATS, Inc., and Dream Street Foundation. Tiffany's "Purrfect" Necklace -Courtesy of David Webb Precious Jewels "The beautiful Beverly Hills Tiffany, Tiff to select few, will guide you through a most fascinating, page flipping murder mystery. It deals with the rich, the conniving, the rock and film stars, the devious and then ever clever detectives. However, none is more clever than the magnificent Tiffany in solving the crime, with its intriguing cast of celebratory characters. By the way, Tiffany is a hot tortoise-shell Persian Cat!" Tippi Hedren Icon, American actress Founder of Shambala Preserves for Big Cats & Exotic Animals. "I'm a dog person, but I really love this book! Roger Williams, world-renowned pop concert pianist; gold and platinum recording artist. "I loved having Jacque Heebner, and her furry sidekick, Ms. Tiffany, as students in my writers workshops. Now you get to have this fun, fabulous, mischievous pair at your house..Enjoy!" Kelly Lange writing teacher and author: the Maxi Poole mysteries "A cute and very enjoyable easy read. We love cat Tiffany and her point of view with humans and their flaws." Carla and Lou Ferrigno famed American actors body builders, patriots and animal activists. For more information regarding this book go to:

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