Fire House Chatter

The stories and incidents in this book reflect the trends and attitudes of the times. 1959 to 1973 and the camaraderie that existed between firemen and policemen. There is a brief glimpse of some of the fires and incidents that put their lives in jeopardy. Terminology and training are incorporated however this book is designed to show you the "funny side" of fire fighting and how they physically and emotionally got through these crises, the stress breakers and laughter that helped them keep their sanity. Equipment and techniques have changed with time. They now have Scott Air Packs instead of WWII Puke Masks, helmets with shields to protect the face. High tech communication systems and they no longer have the aerial ladder designed as it was then. 911 didn't exist at that time, only the fire alarm box system of the 18th century. Equipment and techniques have changed with time. Some things never change however...the fire and emergency personnel that SAVES LIVES.

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