Finding Truth Beyond the Earth

The Council of Nicaea forced the tenets and narratives that there is only one God, and that humans are flawed and sinful and thus need saving. The saving would be at the sole discretion of the Church through the rules and ritual they created, thus effectively putting the Church in charge of everyone's life. Rimi thought, 'This was the biggest power-grab the world has ever seen. In a matter of months, the Church officials created a work of fiction that they knew would have the power to control the uneducated masses of the time.'

Utham resumed with, "Religion is where book banning originates. Anything that would encourage free-thinking and acceptance of new or different ideas is strictly frowned upon. Book banning is fueled by intolerance and fear, and that is what religion promotes - intolerance and fear. Books and ideas that push against the status quo and offer support to marginalized groups pose a threat to the Christian Nationalist agenda. And this push to ban books is not a new phenomenon, in the first half of your nineteenth century, anti-slavery books were banned in your southern states. And again, during the Civil Rights era, more books were banned that supported equal rights. The strongest opposition to these books came from the ultra-conservative religious right."

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