Earrings On Safari

Earrings On Safari -"Marry me and I'll take you around the world." I did and he did. We went to Ethiopia - E-thi-o-pi-a. Praise For: "Home is Where My Earrings Are" "The book is simply such a good, honest, stylishly written read." - Barry Hillenbrand, Former foreign correspondent, TIME magazine "Home Is Where My Earrings Are arrived in Manila and I couldn't put it down! Really loved all the stories, (Russell's) eye for every single detail, every scene, every conversation was so alive! Please start the next book aleady! MABUHAY!" -Vicky Herrera, Philippines, Guidance Counselor, Philanthropist "This book is the stuff of adventure stories. Told in the first person by a flippant, sensitive, observer of life. Better than a vacation." - Judy Bee, Management Consultant, La Jolla CA "Wonderful Reflection..."Marry me and I'll take you around the world." Dannie takes us on a journey that covers decades in a number of countries with humor and historical perspective." - Cindy H. Coolidge Former Board Chair, ISOI, Islamabad, Pakistan. Mizz Dannie teaches writing and has written numerous articles and cultural awareness guides for expatriate teenagers in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Her work also appears in two anthologies. She is the author of Home Is Where My Earrings Are. Ms. Russell has a Master's in Educational Curriculum and Design. She hosted writing groups in Dubai, Kampala, Paris and Sarasota. Dannie Russell is the mother of two Third Culture Kids who, having been raised internationally, now presently work and live with their own children in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. She lives with her husband, Daryle, in Florida when they are not living somewhere else, or bumming around Africa.

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