Dear Dordo

Through John and Dorothy's correspondence, readers will learn about John's experiences in the U.S. Army (based first in India, and then, as a commander of an OSS unit, in Ceylon) and Dorothy's experiences as a supportive spouse back home in Utica, New York. The letters animate how John and Dorothy dealt with the personal concerns and themes of their lives, separately and as a married couple, and demonstrate the difficulties of wartime separation of husbands and wives. The letters also tell the story of a wife's efforts on behalf of her husband abroad that launched a heralded literary career that established a new twist on the hard-boiled detective novel genre of American writing.


The letters compiled in Dear Dordo are framed by a preface, an introduction, editorial notes, and a glossary. These materials provide unique and essential context to the content of the letters. Fans and scholars alike will find much to consider and analyze in this collection. 


Compiled and Edited by: Florence M. Turcotte, Cal Branche, Nola Branche

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