Cocktail Melodies, Lady Gin

Within Cocktail Melodies I have woven the story of my good friend and cheerful buddy Dan Teichman. His photo is on the front page of this book with a Pompano. He was a likeable gent, the inspiration for the composition of Lady gin. Truly, Dan was slowly taken in and warmly seduced by Lady Gin. Being loyal to her, he continued to have a full and productive life until the end when his liver gave out. He would daily repeat this pattern but only after his working hours were through or when he was on vacation. I wish that I could have done more to help him dry out and encouraged him to give up the sauce, but he would not listen and was not willing to change course. After his working hours he was always looking for another bottle of Gin and never tried to remain sober. Perhaps it was due to a haunting, broken love affair from his past. He could not shake the distant thoughts that were troubling him though he always tried to remain positive. He was stubborn but loyal to his Lady Gin of the bar up until the bitter end. 

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