Choice Matters

Choice Matters Is the Bible a pro-choice book? Do you fear road rage? Do casinos and lotteries help or hurt? Does gun ownership cause or prevent crime, violence and death? Who is the final arbiter of our suffering - others or we? Is it O.K. to say, "I'm sick and tired of war?" Can we place 40 million under-educated Americans as greeters at Walmart? Is there a statesman in the house - or senate? How do you answer your 8 year old daughter when she asks, "What is a 4 hour erection?" Who should pay for my granddaughters Christian education? Freedom means choice. Without choice there can be no real freedom. Hopefully, the facts and opinions expressed in this book will be a catalyst for much discussion and perhaps some change, along with a wider recognition that freedom must allow choice and, therefore, Choice Matters!

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