Blood Moon Shadow

Our journey unfolds in the Age of Aquarius and the time of the Zodiac. The baby boomer generation is in full bloom and politically active. It was time of war; and it was time of peace activists. The Mayday Tribe is trying to shut down the government. Vietnam protestors are bursting with idealism, rebellion, and nonconformity. It was a time of innocence; and it was a time of murder. There was a killer in the midst of the love generation. Bob Pylan has irrepressible Cherokee visions about the future. This deep-cover officer’s code name is the Shadow. Midnight turns to restlessness for this detective. Nightmares offer forewarnings that haunt him and warn of danger. Maryann’s death, a teenage informant would change Bob forever. Her phosphorus spirit shines in the stellar dust, stars, and blood moon. This luminous beauty would lure him into a thrilling and mysterious journey. Other titles by T.E.Baker: Siesta Key Awakening and Cadaveric Spasm

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