Benny and the Butterfly, A Story About Feeling Different

Unable to use his hands, the eight-year-old illustrator used a laser device on his head to make pictures on the computer. Slight head movements would then be “locked on” to the screen and another head movement would continue the drawing. The head movements were much like the starting and stopping of the artisit’s brush which would eventually result in a finished piece of art. Garret’s head movements were meticulous as he diligently brought forth lines and color and suggestions of movement. Like the shading of the artist, Garret’s fractional head movements would transfer images from his mind to the screen of the computer. He would correct and revise much the same as the artist would do in the initial stages of producing a painting. Every drawing constituted hours at the computer screen. And, with patience and persistence, Garret’s drawings became every bit as sophisticated and charming as those of his peers who drew with their hands.

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