Beneath the Well of Souls, the Fight for the Lost Treasures of the Great Temple of Jerusalem

...Titus clenched his teeth, "I want you to tear this temple down! Leave nothing standing!" Grabbing a torch...he stormed over to the Holy of Holies...the fire caught and cast a bright light on the walls...Titus saw the dancing shadows of Great Menorah and huge trumpets on the marble walls...Their journey to Rome and his Triumph had begun. Over two thousand years ago, the Great temple of Jerusalem built by Herod the Great was looted and then destroyed by the all-conquering Romans who took the treasures of the Temple and brought them to Rome. Where are these treasures now? And more importantly, who wants them and why? In "Beneath The Well of Souls" Christians, Israelis and Moslems clash in a fight for the treasures and for control of the land that they represent. "Beneath The Well of Souls" is a treasure hunt of intrigue and conflict with a fiery climax as representatives of three religions battle for the treasures and the old temple site. "As you know," said Professor Rash, "when the Romans...looted the Great Temple, they took the Temple Treasures...They were stored years later in the Pantheon in Rome for nearly for hundred years until they were taken by the Vandals...We were never certain what happened to the Temple Treasures after that...until now. Alan, I think we have located them!"

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