Aquatic Accidents

Aquatic Accidents is a uniquely comprehensive book analyzing the full range of water-based accidents in both the natural environment (e.g., oceans, lakes and rivers) and built facilities (e.g., swimming pools, waterparks, and spas). People are naturally drawn to the water, from back-yard swimming pools to the number one tourist destination, the beach. Accidents are far too common, and most are preventable with foresight provided by this book.


The various water activities discussed in Aquatic Accidents cause needless injuries and even death. This book gives you the tools to identify these hazards and initiate actions to save lives. Aquatic Accidents is especially useful for property owners with aquatic environments, parks and recreation professionals and accident/injury attorneys.

Features in this book include:

The most effective ways to prevent drowning

How to recognize a drowning victim

Diving - a major cause of spinal cord injuries

Rip currents - the greatest beach hazard

Swimming pool, waterpark, and spa accident prevention

Snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating safety


Lake and river danger recognition and avoidance 




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