Appalachian Impasse

WITH JUSTICE LONG SERVED, REVENGE COMES CALLING IN THIS CHILLING TALE OF GOOD VERSUS EVIL... Brilliantly written as a distant sequel to Holdup Number Six (An FBI Novel Based On Actual Events), this story spins off into a surreal course of fatal events set in motion by a disgruntled state trooper, now federal inmate, whose internal strife for incarceration leads him to Tom Younger, as assassin for hire. Younger, an ousted Green Beret soldier with a revengeful mindset for his own thwarted past, assumes numerous aliases in carrying out the task of killing those responsible for the trooper's demise and conviction. All are at risk to include the trooper's defense attorney, the federal prosecutor, a federal Judge, and Cy Donovan, the FBI agent who brought him to justice. Follow Warner's keen insight in this gripping account of vengeance gone amuck. Donavan, now retired, attempts to complete his goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail south to north with nary a clue as to what lies ahead on his two-thousand mile trek. Numerous characters are brought to life in vivid detail - some in their harrowing demise. Others, however, are just along for the journey including a woman of interest to Cy, adding to the intrigue. Truly a fascinating literary achievement for Warner whose background in violent criminal investigations at the highest level works well for weaving a most creative, descriptive, and suspenseful adventure that begs you to read through to the page turning conclusion. For more information about William J. Warner please visit his website at:

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